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As a " Canadian"  born and raised in Medicine Hat, AB. and later living in  Calgary, AB. until Jan, 1984   I was employed in the  Real Estate Sales ,Real Estate   Brokerage,    Real Estate Lending and Real Estate   Appraisal Professions once  :::::::::  HOLDING:::::::::::::
::::::::: 1. The  Canadian " AACI "  Commercial and Residential Real Estate  Appraisal Designation ( Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute )  awarded October 3,1986 from the Appraisal Institute  of Canada.
::::::::: 2. The Canadian  " CPM"®  Certified  Property Manager  Designation  awarded February 27, 1984 from the Institute of Real Estate Management of the National Association of  Realtors.
::::::::::3. The Canadian   "FRI"  Fellow Designation  awarded May 12, 1979  from  The Real Estate Institute of Canada.
::::::::::4. An Alberta  Real Estate Broker's License from mid   1972  to December 1983 and 
again awarded on January 26, 2016.
Currently,  I  hold an Alberta  Real Estate Broker's  License and a State of Arizona Real Estate Broker's License and I  am  authorized to LIVE   and  WORK permanently in the United States and  or in  Canada.
In  January  1984 my family and I  relocated  to Scottsdale, Arizona   and have   since   returned  to Medicine Hat, Alberta  in  July , 2013   where we  permanently   reside  and work after approximately 30-32  years of  full time  residency in Scottsdale, Arizona., USA.
 My work experience  in both   Canada and the United States   extended  into all aspects of  Real Estate including  Residential and Commercial  Real Estate  Sales and Brokerage, Commercial and Residential  Real Estate Property Management ,  Commercial and Residential Real Estate Appraising and Commercial and Residential  Real Estate Lending.
My  career  in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area  for  approximately  30 plus  years   concentrated within  the Appraisal Profession of Residential and Commercial Real Estate and as well as   within  all aspects of  Real Estate Brokerage activities of Residential Sales and Listings and within all areas of Commercial and Residential  Real Estate Lending Activities.
Prior to relocating to the Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ  area in January 1984  I completed a  Bachelor of Science Degree (BSBA degree)  in Business Administration in 1971  at the University of Tulsa , Tulsa ,Oklahoma . After  relocating  to Scottsdale, AZ.  in January 1984  I subsequently  completed a Master's Degree (MBA degree )  in  Business Administration in 1988   at the University of Phoenix, Phoenix , AZ . I  later  completed   my formal education  graduating from  California Southern University, Santa Ana,  CA, Law School  earning a Juris Doctor Degree ( J.D. degree ) in mid 1999.
While living in  the Scottsdale/Greater Phoenix, AZ area I continued on with my Professional  Education  completing  the  SRA (Senior Residential Appraiser ) designation as well as the SRPA (Commercial Appraiser) designation  with the Society of Real Estate Appraisers, now known as the American  Appraisal Institute.  During the period   from  June  1984 until today's date March 2024    I continue to hold a  State of Arizona Real Estate Broker's License. I also  held  a State of  Arizona   Commercial and Residential Real Estate Appraiser's State  License from 1993  when U.S. Federal and  Arizona State Licensing of the  Real Estate Appraisal Profession   came into being until August 2014 when my family and I returned to Canada.
  My  extensive   Real Estate  experience together with   my  Real Estate  education as well as my Formal Academic  education   obtained  while working  in all sectors of  the Real Estate Profession over the past 40 plus  years including working in Medicine Hat the past 10  years  allows me  to  assist  both Buyers and Sellers of most types of real estate located  in the  Medicine  Hat area   in achieving   their personal  real estate objectives. Moreover , I was born and raised in Medicine Hat therefore  I am very familiar with Medicine Hat  and it's geographical structure .   I will work hard  on your behalf as your   "REALTOR®" '' BROKER" to make your next Medicine Hat real estate  residential   home buying/ selling experience  and or your commercial real estate buying/selling  experience a pleasant and successful one.

For  Residential Sellers, it is my commitment to help sell your home or property in a timely fashion while assisting  you obtain  the highest possible price for your property .For Residential Buyers  it is my commitment to assist you to ensure  that the purchase price you are paying is reasonable and accurate.  If you are interested in receiving a COMPLIMENTARY  property analysis/  for SALE / LISTING  or ACQUISITION  purposes   I encourage you to fill out my FREE  home valuation form enclosed herein.

For Buyers and Investors who are   looking at  homes for sale  and  or other real estate opportunities located  within the RESIDENTIAL  real estate sector or within the COMMERCIAL  real estate sector     in the  Medicine Hat Area  and surrounding   communities, I will work with you to acquire or sell your ideal residential and or commercial   real estate  I will also provide you with most  of the necessary tools for locating  the right property  including  free access to search most  Medicine Hat and surrounding market  area homes for sale or that have sold  and most  types of commercial properties within our "MLS®" system currently available for sale  from the comfort of your home on your computer.
  Once we have  narrowed down our computer  search with reference to  what you may be  looking for we can then  begin a more in depth  home and or investment personal  viewing  process so that  you can get a more realistic  look at the homes and or  other properties   that  you may be seriously interested in. After we have physically and  personally viewed those specific properties of interest and have concluded to a short list of possible choices we will continue  with  the Comparative Market Analysis finally selecting   a   property of your  choice and   submitting an Offer to Purchase  in anticipation of acquiring that specific   property.
The above analysis   is an abbreviated process of Acquiring or Listing a property which will  be presented in greater detail upon confirmation of  my representation  for you.
 Thank you  again for considering me to be your    " MEDICINE  HAT "  Real Estate Representative.
Respectfully yours,
Ken   Boswell      J.D.,   MBA,  BSBA        
Real Estate Broker
403-866-1817 (cell) 
13 Stark Ave SE
Medicine Hat, AB T1B 4N1 


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